Video Explains The Actual Costs of a Portable Classroom Project

How much does a portable classroom cost?

Portable classrooms have become a regular part of public and private school facilities for many years
and this trend seems to continue as communities grow and school enrollment numbers increase. In many cases a portable classroom…or several…can solve a critical space shortage problem quickly – but how much does a portable classroom actually cost?

Most facility managers have experience buying and renting portables from their local modular building suppliers. However, many schools involve more than a facility manger in the process of planning and purchasing portables which can lead to some surprising facts and figures about the amount of money required to rent or purchase the needed portables and install them according to regulations.

The video below is very effective at educating board members, facility planners, teachers and administrators about the various aspects of a portable classroom project – and the associated costs. I suggest that you share this video with your school facility decision making team and think through every step of the process before you begin making the serious decisions required for a successful portable classroom installation. For more helpful information have a look at the Modular Classroom Checklist post.

If you have specific questions about your portable classroom project you can always ring me directly at (800) 806-7485. Enjoy the video…

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