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about modular building at imodular.com
All types and sizes of modular buildings
Since 1998 iModular.com has helped thousands of schools, churches, businesses and government agencies find temporary and permanent modular buildings, portable classrooms, mobile office trailers and many other types of prefabricated structures. Our 28 years of industry experience, expertise and contacts make it easy for us to help people make smart planning, budgeting and buying decisions when it comes to modular building.

Matt Banes and Brian Gallagher co-founded iModular.com after spending ten years in sales management and marketing roles with industry leading Williams Scotsman. Today, iModular.com continues to evolve with new technology and a constant flow of business and school owners and operators interested in learning more about the benefits of modular building.

If you are searching for any type of space solution - we are amazingly easy to reach and quick to help. Call the Modular Building Hotline at (800) 806-7485 any day of the week and Matt Banes or one of the iModular.com partners will answer your questions and help guide you to modular building success.

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