Portable Classrooms are Ideal for Schools and Churches

Portable classrooms have been used for decades by public and private schools and churches to solve a variety of facility space problems. Sometimes more classroom space is needed due to increased enrollment or new construction, and sometimes space is required due to downsizing and consolidation. Either way, having the option to implement a fast and effective prefabricated solution has passed the test of time and is here to stay.

Here are the top reasons schools and churches rent and buy portable classrooms:

#1. Temporary space during school construction and renovation
#2. Enrollment increases, student transfers
#3. Launch of new programs (after school, daycare, homework centers)
#4. Emergency / Natural disaster

Portable classroom manufacturers and suppliers have adapted to the consistent demand for quality temporary and permanent classroom space and have made renting and purchasing portables fast, flexible, and affordable. Most portable classroom suppliers have various-sized classrooms in inventory and available for quick delivery and installation complete with handicap wheelchair ramps and furniture. For more complex requirements, several portable classroom suppliers across the United States can work with schools to design, build, and install more sophisticated portable school buildings and entire school campus facilities.

Delivery and installation of a portable classroom is a significant part of the process. This requires careful site selection and planning for utilities, handicap access, parking, and meeting all of the local building and safety requirements. When multiple portable classrooms are required across multiple campuses, it has become common for a construction management firm to be hired to oversee the more complex and time-consuming work.

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