10 Reasons Why Used Modular Buildings are a Good Investment

Buying a used modular building makes sense for many reasons
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Matt Banes
Written by Matt Banes

If you are new to the idea of renting or buying one or multiple used modular buildings, the concepts below may give you good reason to start seriously discussing your facility needs with a local modular building supplier.

Using modular buildings to meet facility space needs is not a new concept. For decades businesses, schools, churches, and government organizations have been relying on prefabricated buildings to quickly and cost-effectively solve space requirements. If you pay close attention while you travel around your city you will most likely see all types of modular buildings being used in commercial and retail settings such as airports, rental car agencies, car sales lots, bus terminals, construction sites, public and private school campuses, churches and even your favorite parks and recreation areas.

Look beyond the wide variety of uses for modular buildings and focus on the fact that these structures are manufactured in quality-controlled environments with skilled labor and the latest in systems building technology and materials. These features help industry manufacturers and suppliers provide comfortable, stylish, and durable modular buildings quickly and keep them in good operating condition for occupants for decades.

Used modular buildings are a smart investment because they are flexible and affordable.

If I’ve got your attention browse through the 10 Reasons Why Used Modular Buildings are a Good Investment below and start planning your next steps to solving your facility space challenge.

Environmentally Conscious

When you select a used modular building, you may be selecting one of the most environmentally friendly building alternatives available today.

More Durable

The typical lifespan of most modular buildings should be around 30 years. When a modular unit is returned from rental, owners conduct a detailed review of the building’s overall quality and state. Repairs and maintenance are completed as needed creating a long-lasting and valuable asset.

Use Your Savings as Credit

The money you will save by buying a used building gives you the power to buy other things that you might have otherwise had to compromise on. You’ll have more money available, whether it be for updated appliances, new office furniture, or security measures.

Know What You are Purchasing

In contrast to a brand-new structure, you are aware of every detail before it is delivered. Before signing a contract, you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality building. It is possible to view and choose used buildings before making any contractual commitments.

Options for Purchase and Leasing

With a used modular building, you have the option of buying the structure outright or selecting an affordable short-term lease option. Few other construction options can offer you this level of flexibility and affordability.

Relocation and Demolition

If you choose to lease your used modular building, you will have the option of returning the structure after your lease term. Your building will be torn down and moved for the following potential client by your modular building supplier. What is more practical than that?

The wonderful thing about modular construction is that it allows for such high levels of customer customization and flexibility. Specific space needs can be built into any floorplan including bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, kitchens, and other spaces that help businesses and schools go about their work.


We already mentioned the time savings that using a used building can provide, but there are additional savings. By using a used modular building instead of a brand-new construction project, you can save a sizable sum of money.

You have to pay more when buying brand-new. Additionally, once you own the item, it loses market value due to use.


You have a wide range of options for any industry, whether you are a business, school, healthcare provider, or other organization. Used modular buildings offer everything from small portable toilet trailers to large classroom and office complexes.

For their training facilities, many industries have used classroom buildings, such as fire stations or other emergency response facilities. Anyone can use temporary offices, whether they are a car dealership in need of additional office space or a remote construction site in need of temporary swing space. A used modular building gives you the flexibility and creativity to use it however you see fit.

Lack of Supply and Labor

Labor and supply shortages have been a problem for almost every industry around the world. Time delays have been a problem everywhere due to the cost of inflation, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s lingering effects, among other economic factors. In actuality, many home builders are unable to locate the fundamental supplies they require to finish the backlog of construction projects.

Why not think about a used modular building if you have a tight deadline and don’t want to risk a construction schedule that is delayed? It will help you save money and shorten your time to occupancy by up to 50%.

Ideal for Overcrowding Issues

Why build a big construction project when you can just bring in a used building to solve your space issues for less time, money, and labor?

Many industries, including education, government, construction, healthcare, and many other commercial entities, use modular buildings. By selecting a used building, you can avoid many considerations and obstacles when your business is changing quickly and requires you to make quick decisions.

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