Modular Building Web Site is Popular -

Modular Building Web Site is Popular

used, new, modular building, office trailer, classroom prices and floor plans.
Modular building floor plans & prices
from local suppliers.

A great website for those interested in modular buildings

This week received price requests from general contractors, schools, churches and  daycare centers each looking for floor plans and prices to rent either a modular building or mobile office trailer. As a result the people using the site saved time and money on what would normally take several phone calls and a lot of repeating the same questions.

"We use in several of our offices as the best way to get a good rent price on double- wide modular office trailers for our job sites. It saves me a heck of a lot of time." stated Clifton Barnes, purchasing manager for a large southwestern general contractor.

The price request tool is quick and easy to complete and it sends a person's price request to local modular building and mobile office trailer suppliers who quickly call back with prices, floor plans and answers about anything modular. Here's a link to the iModular free price form. has been online since they must be doing good things.