Rent a Portable Shower Trailer With Lockers -

Rent a Portable Shower Trailer With Lockers

Modular locker room and shower trailers for special events
Portable Shower Trailer with lockers.

Can I rent a portable trailer with showers and lockers installed?

I get this question a lot from special event companies in need of portable shower and toilet trailers and the answer is always yes. Depending upon the amount of shower and locker room space that is needed and how fast it needs to be up and running, you can typically find used shower and locker combination trailers available for rent or sale in the state or city where the event is being held.

Modular building suppliers will have floor plans, specifications for plumbing and electrical connections and prices ready to email any company in need of this type of space.

Here are a few tips before buying or renting a special event shower and/or locker trailer: 

1. Permits. Make sure you have cleared the use of temporary portable modular buildings with the city's building and safety department first. You will get all the information you need from this department.

2. Know your space. Know how much space you need - how many showers, toilets, lockers, etc. before contacting suppliers for prices. This is a helpful post about bathroom and shower trailer planning. 

3. Have a plot plan ready for where the portable modular building will be installed including where the electrical and plumbing connections will be unless you are using a temporary power service and holding tanks for plumbing. Be prepared to install handicap access ramps if the general public will have use of the facility.

4. Always get at least three prices from local suppliers and choose the best value. I suggest using the iModular Price Quote and Supplier Locator tool

I hope this helps make the job of finding a portable modular shower and locker room a bit easier. Feel free to call me if you need some help anywhere in the U.S. or abroad - Matt Banes, Modular Building Consultant (800) 806-7485.