Can a modular building have more than one story? -

Can a modular building have more than one story?

Yes, modular buildings can have multiple stories - just like conventional construction. 

modular building with multiple stories
Modular buildings can have multiple stories.
Ever wonder if you can buy or rent a two story modular building for your school, church or office space needs? The answer is yes and several suppliers of modular buildings specialize in manufacturing, transporting and installing these specialized structures for all types of business and educational facility needs.

The concept of two and three story modular construction has been around for decades and the benefits are the same as always - time and money savings combined with architectural design flexibility. Multistory modular structures are designed by architects and engineers to meet the specific needs of the office or school occupants and to adhere to the same stringent building codes any conventionally built structure would be required to meet.

The process is fairly simple. Site preparation and the modular building manufacturing take place concurrently. Once the project site is ready each section of the building's first floor is delivered and set in place followed by the second and/or third story sections - just like Lego building blocks. A crane and experienced installation team are used to install and close up the top floor sections and insure solid connectivity of each building component. If an elevator, decking, stairways and wheelchair access ramps are required this work will be completed during installation in the most time effective way possible.

Once the structure is "stacked" and sealed the utilities are connected and the finish work can be completed to whatever look and feel the owner and Architect have specified. After the electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems have been tested and fine tuned the final steps for occupancy are inspections and furnishing.

Watch this video for a very simple example of a two story modular building being installed by Maryland based Modular Genius.