How to Plan for a Modular Building or Portable Classroom -

How to Plan for a Modular Building or Portable Classroom

Modular building planning, price and installation
Modular Building site planning is important. 

How to plan for a Modular Building 

When I get a call from a facility manager or purchasing agent who is in need of a modular building or portable classroom much of the conversation involves logistics - or in other words where, how and when to deliver and install the structure. Here are a few common points that seem to help quite a bit before the modular building is purchased or leased anywhere in the U.S.

1. Select a location on your business or school property that is fairly level and can easily be accessed by delivery trucks for the modular. Don't forget that if you are renting the modular building it will eventually need to be removed so be careful not to block it in with obstacles. Removal can get costly!

2. Locate the closest electrical and plumbing supplies and get prices from contractors to connect the modular building. Eliminate any surprises and keep your costs under control.

Plan before you rent or buy a modular building or portable classroom
Modular Portable Classrooms 
on a school site.
3. Draw a simple plot plan showing where the modular building will be located on your property. Show where the existing structures are in relation tho the modular and identify the closest parking and handicap equipped bathrooms. Share this plan with the modular building suppliers and your local building and safety department for permitting.

4. Always consider the amount of space you need and try to accommodate everyone in one or as few modular structures as possible. This will keep your delivery, installation, knock down and return delivery expenses as well as operating expenses to a minimum. Also...plan your door locations intelligently. Access to and from the modular building or classroom can get costly when you consider adding a handicap ramp and sets of access stairs. Especially if your door locations are not optimized for your site.

As usual you can call me any time for help finding or selling a modular building or classroom anywhere in the U.S. or abroad. (800) 806-7485 or use the form below to compare prices quotes  from up to 5 local modular building suppliers.