Choose the Best Site Location for Your Portable Modular Classroom

Plan where you place a modular classroom on your campus
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Portable modular classroom site selection for school, church

How to decide on the location for your Portable Modular Classroom?

“We have several options for placing a portable modular classroom on our Church property and would like your ideas so that we choose the best and most economical location?”

Choosing the right location to install a portable modular classroom should be one of the top items on your To-Do list before you spend any money on rent or purchase.

Here are some of the most important items to consider when planning where you will install one or multiple portable modular classrooms on your campus.

Do you have a space for the portable modular classroom? For example, it could be 40’ or 60’ long by 24′ or 36’ wide so know your building “footprint” before you select the location. Or, if you have limited options you may need to ask a local supplier what size structure will fit in the area you have available. This will help you choose the right location on your campus and optimize available space. Be sure to consider where your utility points of connection are (water and power) and how much infrastructure work it will take to power and plumb your portable.

Consider occupants. Choose a location that works best for the students, teachers, and visitors. Consider things such as proximity to other facilities, parking, student drop off, door locations, and how a handicap access ramp will be positioned.

Consider costs for installation.  A level site that is easily accessible by trucks and work crews is ideal. Modular suppliers can work with any type of site even if a crane is required, but “easy” always saves money and time. Also, consider where the existing utilities are located – close is always less expensive.

I hope this helps, but if it didn’t do the job feel free to give me a call for nationwide help – Matt Banes, (800) 806-7485. You can also reach us by using our online contact form.

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Matt Banes modular building information source

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  • School facility planners always ask me about where to locate portables. I start by using Google Earth and looking at the campus location. This gives me the best view of potential locations with easy access and good flow for students moving about the campus. This is a starting point…