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Why Choose Modular Construction?

Modular construction is a good method of building fast.
Modular buildings can be installed on permanent foundations.  
Modular construction is a fast and effective method of providing comfortable temporary or permanent space for offices, schools, churches and hundreds of other space needs. The concept of "modular" is much like using Legos - several building blocks are interconnected to create one structure that can be quickly delivered and installed on site nearly anywhere. The same fast process used for construction can also be applied for removal of the modular building when it is no longer needed. This flexibility often makes modular construction a better alternative to conventional construction.
If you are investigating modular construction there are several things to consider including the amount of space you need, how you want the interior and exterior to look and be configured, where the modular building will be located, what permits will be required by your city and what your budget is for renting or buying the modular structure. This is much like conventional construction planning and design - without the long-winded site work that can prolong occupancy.

Today, the architectural community has adopted modular construction as a viable form of building. In fact, architects and engineers are now looking at modular construction as ecologically friendly and sustainable due to the time savings, quality building materials, centralized construction and decreased material transportation and site work. Go modular, go green!

When you start the planning process for your new school or office consider modular construction. I'm sure that you will be surprised at how advanced modular has become - and the design flexibility you will have with each "box".