Modular Interiors for Modular Spaces - Learn About DIRTT -

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Modular Interiors for Modular Spaces - Learn About DIRTT

Modular Building Interior DesignModular building design and manufacturing has advanced so much throughout the past decade that technologies and products typically used for traditional construction have now entered the prefab picture. With respect to building interiors, Architects designing modular buildings for the education, healthcare, and office space markets, have more options than ever before...and DIRTT is no exception.

If you are an Architect or in the market to have a sophisticated modular building designed and manufactured, visit the DIRTT web site link below and explore the incredible interior finish, furnishing and technology options you now have access to.

Modular Interiors | Custom Prefab " DIRTT Environmental Solutions

DIRTT is more than modular walls. This personalized interior system uses virtual reality filled with data to build the perfect space. Yep. It's a big deal.