What is a good price for modular classroom in California?

Learn how to shop for a modular classroom deal in California.

To get a competitive and sometimes below market price to rent or buy a modular classroom in California try shopping smart…


This month’s modular classroom price and availability requests for 24′ x 40′, 24′ x 60′ and 36′ x 60′ models needed throughout California have picked up here at iModular. Several private daycare center programs and schools inquired about rental and purchaser prices in preparation for installation season. As usual, we suggest that everyone understand their school space needs in detail before requesting price quotes from modular suppliers. When you are ready to begin investigating prices – be prepared to answer questions about the layout of the space you need, where it will be located on your campus, where the closest utility connections are and if you will have space for wheelchair ramps, decking and stairways.

The most common reasons for a school or church to need a modular building are:

1. Increased or decreased enrollment.
2. Student relocation during construction or renovation of school facilities.
3. Emergency space need.

“We are in need of temporary classroom space during renovation of our school facility. Modular is the only option for us unless we move everyone off campus,” stated a private school administrator from Los Angeles, California during a call with iModular this past week.

The most common questions asked by modular classroom suppliers are:

1. What is the reason for your school space need?
2. How many students will occupy the modular classroom?
3. Will you need any special features – bathrooms, private offices, kitchen and cleaning stations, locker room spaces, wheelchair access ramps, etc?
4. Will you be renting or buying the modular classroom??
5. Is the proposed location easily accessible and level or will there be a need for site work?
6. Have you discussed this need with the local building department?

Rent and Purchase Price Update: Try the following Compare and Shop Smart Price Request Form below. When you complete the form your request is sent to qualified California suppliers of modular buildings / portable classrooms who will call you quickly with answers, sample floor plans, prices and savings when you rent or buy.


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