About Modular Bathroom, Locker and Shower Trailers

What to do when you need modular bathrooms, lockers and showers at your school or church campus…

The short answer is to buy or rent a modular building! Modular builders have been designing and building specialized prefabricated bathroom, locker and shower trailers for everything from emergencies to special events – and schools have made good use of these structures for decades. From small trailers complete with a few toilets and sinks to several thousand square foot modular structures with change rooms, lockers, showers and laundry facilities – it’s hard to find a school facility need that hasn’t been met with a modular building.

How quickly can a modular bathroom or shower trailer be delivered and installed?


The rule of thumb in the modular building business is if you need space immediately take whatever unit a supplier has available. This rule applies mainly to emergency situations where there is no time to spend searching for the perfect floor plan or building size. However, if you have time and the design is important most suppliers can either modify a used modular building to meet your needs or manufacture a new model to your exact specifications.

Modular building delivery, installation and utility connections can also take place quickly – especially when compared to conventional construction. Once again, the time frame is directly effected by the size and scope of work. If your need involves a small modular building the schedule could be as little as a few days for delivery, installation, set up of the handicap access ramp and/or steps and the necessary plumbing connections to existing lines or a holding tank. The larger and more complex your space need is the longer these aspects of the project will require for completion.

Here are some helpful examples if you are planning to add any type of temporary or permanent modular buildings to your school, university, church or school campus.

Immediate or emergency need for a modular bathroom / shower trailer.

Used or “in stock” modular buildings can typically be delivered within a week or less of contract signing but it may be hard to find a supplier with a bathroom unit readily available for fast delivery. Try using an online service like the iModular Compare Prices and Select a Vendor tool or call as many suppliers as you can find. Installation depends on size, scope of work and site conditions. In some cases same or next day delivery can occur – particularly if there are no obstacles on site and the weather cooperates.

Need the modular space within 2-3 months.

Used modular buildings can easily be modified with all types of plumbing and amenities and ready for use within 3 months. New models can fit into this same schedule unless demand is high and the modular manufacturers are busy – this happens often during the summer  months. Be sure to confirm a delivery schedule before signing any contract.

If you have more than 3 months to plan and install a modular building.

This is the ideal situation if a new modular building is required or several modular buildings are needed for multiple school sites. With more than three months a modular supplier has plenty of time to work with architects and planners and coordinate with the building manufacturer – particularly if specialized materials are specified and require more lead time for procurement. This also gives everyone involved more planning time for site selection, mobilization and installation.


If you have any questions or are in need of a specialized modular bathroom, shower or locker trailer and can’t seem to find the right supplier feel free to give me a call. I provide free nationwide and international advice for schools and churches. Call 1 800 806-7485 and ask for Matt. 

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  • Seems like this article was timely. I've had calls and emails about modular locker rooms and bathroom trailers from Florida, New York and California. One person asked if it is possible to find used lockers to put inside a used modular building. My answer was "yes"…this is a big money saver.

  • This was just emailed to iModular.com. Portable Locker Room Available for Sale in Florida:

    Florida Power & Light has a used portable locker room, approximately 1.5 years old, purchased and utilized for site start-up and construction. We have no future use and are looking to disposition this unit. If there is interest please contact me immediately. (714) 442-2757 ext. 502 or email matt@gbmmarketing.com