Church Has Success Renting Modular Office Building

Renting a Modular Church Building

Recently a facility manager for a large church in Boston contacted me and wanted my suggestions for accommodating eight to ten staff members during a renovation project that was going to last for  eighteen months.  After discussing the type of office space needed for each person and learning about the space available to install a modular on the church grounds I ended up suggesting a 24’ x 64’ model with five private offices, a bathroom and plenty of open space for desks, chairs and a sitting area for visitors. The plan also included plenty of windows for natural lighting, two exterior doors, a handicap ramp and one set of aluminum steps for accessibility.

After agreeing on the floor plan I directed my contact to use the iModularbuildings.com free price quote tool found on our web site. Within a few minutes he had the form completed and within the same day three local suppliers contacted him with prices and questions.  Within one month of my first contact the church had rented the exact modular we discussed over the phone and according to the Facility Manager “saved a lot more than expected”  by getting multiple prices through our web site.

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