Used Modular Office Building for Rent or Purchase

A great modular office building is available!

This 48’x60′ modular office building (and other models with various floor plans) is available for rent or purchase nation wide. This style of relocatable modular building is ideal for temporary or permanent office space for any type of business.

Use the form below to inquire about the specifications and get a price to rent or buy from a local modular building supplier. Options for changing the floor plan and interior/exterior finishes are available as well as having a new modular building manufactured to your specific building space needs.

48′ x 60′ Modular Building (Used) #24639

  • 2,880 sq ft. Modular Office building with 6 private offices, 1 conference room, 2 bathrooms and HVAC. Ask about handicap ramp and metal step rental
  • Delivery and installation services are available

* All other sizes and configurations are also available. Tell us about your specific need by completing the form below and we will match your need with a used or new modular building at the best possible price.

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Matt Banes

Matt Banes

Call me directly and I will help you make the smartest decisions before you buy, rent or sell a modular building or portable classroom anywhere in the United States. (800) 806-7485.
Since 1988, I have helped thousands of businesses, public and private schools, and places of worship with decisions concerning planning, permitting, floor plan design and financing of temporary and permanent modular spaces. So, why wait? Call me directly at the Modular Building Help Line today!

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  • Just got this question from a facility manager looking for a modular building:

    "If we use the free modular building price quote form on your site how many companies will receive our price request?

    Great question. We are partnered with modular building suppliers across the United States and many of these companies sell and rent modular trailers in multiple states. However, there are some regional rental companies as well…so your request will usually be seen by at least five firms (some national, some local) that will call you with questions about your floor plan needs and prices.

    If you prefer you can call me (Matt Banes) direct and I will answer your questions and help you find the best supplier. (714) 442-2757 ext 108…nationwide.