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Modular classroom design for better learning environments
Matt Banes
Written by Matt Banes

This is how innovation in the modular building industry has changed modular classrooms forever.

Imagine a modular classroom that’s not just a place to learn but also a space that promotes health and is kind to our planet. Welcome to the world of the SAGE Modular Classroom!

Originating from a collaboration between Portland State University, Blazer Industries, and Pacific Mobile Structures, the SAGE Classroom is no ordinary learning space. SAGE stands for “Smart Academic Green Environment,” and it lives up to its name. This innovative classroom design combines the best of two worlds: a focus on creating a healthy environment for students and a commitment to sustainable, green building practices.

By partnering with your local modular classroom suppliers and manufacturers, you can create a better temporary or permanent space solution than the typical portable classroom.

But what makes the SAGE Classroom even more unique? It’s modular and re-locatable. This means schools can easily move these classrooms as needed, offering flexibility without compromising on quality. Plus, the design has won awards, proving that it’s not just practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

In a nutshell, the SAGE Classroom is the future of education, ensuring that every student has the chance to learn in a space that’s both healthy and environmentally friendly.

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