Two Story Modular Building Made With Shipping Container Frames

Now here is a concept we like very much…

This modular building was built using a series of steel shipping
container frames that interlock to create a two story office.

Here is a very smart advancement in commercial modular construction – a two story office building built using six 8′ x 40′ frames that were designed and built to the same specifications as ISO steel shipping containers.

The concept combines the ease of global transportation and the speed of modular construction with the end result being an extremely well built structure for human occupancy that can be rapidly set up or taken down and relocated anywhere in the world.

Steel shipping containers are some of the most transportable and durable “structures” on the planet. These containers have been designed and manufactured to be handled using trucks, forklifts, cranes, trains and freight liners around the planet. So, creating a building system for humans that incorporates these transportation characteristics with the speed and design flexibility inherent to modular building makes perfect sense. Not only can an office or school structure be built quickly – it can also be shipped anywhere in the world and installed quickly too. Can you say smart space?


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