Texas is a Buyer’s Market for Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms

Texas is one of the top states for the use of modular buildings and portable classrooms by businesses, schools and churches – and this will remain so for years to come. This may be the reason why I receive so many calls from people in Houston, Dallas and Austin who are looking for a good quality used modular office building or portable classroom trailer to rent or purchase at a discounted price – and there are super deals available if you know what you want and where to look.

Here are my suggestions to every caller that is serious about their need for a modular building or portable classroom in Texas or anywhere in the United States:

1. Know your space needs! Yes, be sure that you know how much space you need, how many offices or classrooms, bathrooms, windows and doors, etc. This is very helpful article about designing your modular building. 

2. Talk with your local building department and show them a plan of where you want to locate the modular or portable and a floor plan of the modular building or portable classroom you are going to rent or buy.

3. Shop smart! Use the form below that I created for you to get multiple prices from modular building companies that can meet your needs. I will receive your completed form first and the will help match your need with the best supplier with the best price. Or you can call me toll free at the Modular Building Hotline (800) 806-7485.

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Matt Banes

Since 1998, I have assisted numerous businesses, schools, and churches in buying, renting, and selling various types of modular buildings, mobile offices, and portable classrooms suitable for diverse space needs. One of my core success principles lies in my accessibility via phone to provide prompt assistance, answer queries, and aid in the search for cost-effective space solutions that align with your facility goals. So, why wait? Call me directly at the Modular Building Help Line (800) 806-7485.