How to Buy or Rent a Used Modular Building – Smart Tip #2

Site planning for modular building or portable classroom

Second tip for your modular building project – Site Selection

Smart Tip #2 – Select the ideal location for your modular building to be installed.

In Smart Tip #1 we covered the important step of looking into the local permitting laws for using a modular building in your city. After you have researched city and state guidelines for placing a modular structure on a property you should be prepared to plan and budget your facility project.

Here are your next best steps:

1.) Find a location on your property that has easy access for a large truck and plenty of space for the modular building, parking and people flow. You can see an example of a modular building site plan in this iModular article.

2.) If you are going to buy or rent land explain your requirements to your real estate agent and be clear about using a modular building as your type of building.

3.) Locate all utilities and meet with an electrician, a plumber (if needed) and a modular building set up contractor (you can find one by calling a local modular building supplier or the Modular Building Help Line at 800-806-7485) to review the site and obtain accurate prices for all utility and installation costs.

– if you are going to develop a site for long term or permanent use learn everything about the property you can including prior use, soil conditions, adjoining properties and future development plans in the area.

4.) Once you have selected the property or identified where the modular will be placed on your property it’s time to move to contacting and choosing the right suppliers to bid on your project. 

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