What are the most common uses for Modular Buildings?

Some of the most common uses for modular structures include school classrooms, church spaces and even locker rooms…

If you are in the market to buy or rent a modular structure you are not alone. Thousands of businesses, schools and churches used modular buildings and portable classrooms to solve temporary and permanent space problems. Some choose to use a modular prefabricated building to house employees or students during construction or after a natural disaster while others choose modular construction in place of traditional building because of the design flexibility, speed and environmentally friendly aspects of prefabricated building.

Modular structure providers have evolved from “trailer and mobile home” companies into very capable general contractors that use sophisticated modular construction processes to deliver functional and modern spaces for various types of occupancy.

Here are the most popular uses of modular structures in the United States (not in order by volume).

K-12 and Higher Education Classrooms
Science Laboratory Classrooms
Administrative Office Spaces
After School / Homework Centers
Daycare Center
Locker and Change Rooms
Construction Management and Job Site Offices
Real Estate, Automotive Sales Office
Church Classrooms and offices
Special Event Offices and Meeting Areas

Regardless of how popular the above uses are modular buildings can be designed to meet nearly any commercial, industrial or educational needs. The good news is you can typically renovate and reconfigure a used modular to meet your exact floor plan – or you can have a new modular designed and manufactured to meet your exact specification. Can you say flexible space!

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