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Williams Scotsman is now named Willscot and this modular building and mobile office supplier operates nearly one hundred offices throughout the United States with a very strong presence in California, Texas and Florida. The company’s offices are able to sell and rent used and new mobile office trailers, modular buildings, portable classrooms, shipping containers complete with rental furniture, wheelchair ramps, aluminum sets of steps, delivery and installation.

You can find any WillScot location by using this branch location map on the WillScot web site.

WillScot has an extensive inventory of mobile office trailers, shipping container offices, modular office buildings and portable classrooms available for rental or purchase at any branch location. Inventories vary from state to state and are based on market demand in any given territory that the company services. For example, the company’s California branch offices typically have more in-stock portable classrooms and large modular office buildings compared to the branch that handles the smaller West Virginia or Maryland territories.
WillScot branch locations also provide turnkey delivery and installation services to make life easy when you order any type of modular building. These services include the delivery and installation of the modular along with essential products like handicap wheel chair ramps and aluminium stair cases. The company also provides service on any structure that is rented.

Large modular building companies like Willscot are also able to provide customers with the option to design and manufacture a new modular building. In some cases this is a better option than renting or buying a used modular from a company’s inventory. WillScot is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of modular buildings for schools, medical facilities, churches, synagogues, military buildings, and specialized structures for heavy industrial facilities, ports, utility companies and literally any major industry.

If you are considering any type of modular building project or a simple mobile office trailer rental for a construction site, it’s easy to find a local WillScot branch with an experienced sales person who will guide you through the buying (or renting) process professionally. The company has a very high standard for its customer service and is always competitively priced.

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  • I've used Williams Scotsman all over the states for construction trailer rentals. Seems like they are everywhere.