Friday, March 23, 2018

Portable Classroom For Sale in Burbank, California

24' x 40' Portable Classroom
24'x40' Portable classroom
for sale in California.
Last month in Burbank, California five 24' x 40' portable classrooms were for sale for $22,000 each. This price is fair and each portable is in good condition. I called the school today for an update and as of now three of the portable classrooms remain available.

Each portable classroom has carpet floor, one door, one large slider window, t-grid ceiling, vinyl wrapped gypsum interior wall finish, heat and air conditioning. I checked the roofs and all are in great shape. Handicap ramps are available but may need some minor repairs.

If you are searching for a portable classroom for sale and are located in Southern California the remaining three 24'x40' units are worth looking at. Email or call me toll free at (800) 806-7485.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Find Used Classroom Trailers for Sale for Less

Used classroom trailer for sale
Used classroom trailer sold for under $30,000.
Every month we help schools find the best used classroom trailer for sale at the best price possible. How do we know where these "deals are"? The answer is simple but the process takes time - we are in constant contact with public and private schools, churches and classroom trailer sales companies almost daily. We hear about used classroom trailers and office trailers that are no longer needed or available for a very affordable price and we share that information with you. Since we are not a used classroom trailer sales company we help you find the best deal without trying to keep you all to ourselves - just like Priceline does with airline and hotel tickets.

used classroom trailer for saleFinding a used classroom trailer can be tricky and time consuming especially when you consider the following important questions:

1. Do you have the space to fit a used classroom trailer on your school property? If so what location is most economical.

2. Can you obtain the necessary building permission to have a classroom trailer on your property?

3. What size classroom trailer do you need and what floor plan works best for your school?

4. What is your budget?

The best way to take advantage of our ability to help you find the used classroom or office trailer is to call our classroom trailer help line at (800) 806-7485 or use our Price Comparison Page. We can help you make decisions about your floor plan selection, specifications, permitting and guide you to a successful purchase - and it doesn't cost you any fee whatsoever.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Buy a Portable Classroom the Smart Way

Portable classroom price.
Portable classrooms on a school site.

Tips for buying a Portable Classroom

I enjoy helping public and private schools across the nation make smart decisions and save money renting or buying portable classrooms. So whenever I get a new phone call or email with a question about using a portable classroom I usually write a post and share my advice with as many readers as possible.

My latest call came from a private school owner who was trying to find a portable classroom big enough to accommodate two classrooms each for twenty students. During the call we discovered some cost saving ideas - here are the questions, answers and my comments from the conversation:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Video Explains The Actual Costs of a Portable Classroom Project

How much does a portable classroom cost?

Portable classrooms have become a regular part of public and private school facilities for many years
and this trend seems to continue as communities grow and school enrollment numbers increase. In many cases a portable classroom...or several...can solve a critical space shortage problem quickly - but how much does a portable classroom actually cost?

Most facility managers have experience buying and renting portables from their local modular building suppliers. However, many schools involve more than a facility manger in the process of planning and purchasing portables which can lead to some surprising facts and figures about the amount of money required to rent or purchase the needed portables and install them according to regulations.

The video below is very effective at educating board members, facility planners, teachers and administrators about the various aspects of a portable classroom project - and the associated costs. I suggest that you share this video with your school facility decision making team and think through every step of the process before you begin making the serious decisions required for a successful portable classroom installation. For more helpful information have a look at the Modular Classroom Checklist post.

If you have specific questions about your portable classroom project you can always ring me directly at (800) 806-7485. Enjoy the video...

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