Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Modular School Building Checklist

Modular school building for your school, church or daycare center
A modular school building can be a great space solution if
planned, built and installed properly. 
So you are searching for a modular school building and your checklist of items is growing phone call by phone call? To buy or rent any type of a modular building for a school, church or daycare is relatively easy but when it comes to student housing, safety, security and overall comfort for occupants of any educational facility, you need to do your homework.

Here is my modular school facility checklist that I have used with school facility managers and operators of school buildings for years. Feel free to use this list while you speak with your local modular school building companies, school board members and even teachers.

Modular School Building Checklist: 

Monday, April 23, 2018

How Fast Can I Get A Modular Office Trailer Delivered?

Modular Office Trailers can be rented and installed quickly.
Modular Office Trailer on a job site.

How quickly can I get a modular office trailer set up and ready for occupancy?

This is a very popular question whenever a company is in need of a temporary modular office trailer quickly. The answer depends on when you need the office space, how much office space you need and where the modular office trailer will be installed.

When? If you need a modular office trailer quickly you are in luck because suppliers typically have modular offices ready for delivery and installation. Just don’t be picky – be flexible with the floor plan and finishes and take what’s available immediately. The more you change the specifications the longer delivery and installation will take.

Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Modular Building

What to ask before you rent a modular building

Rent a modular building but follow these tips.
Rent a modular building but follow these tips first.
Here are a few helpful questions you should ask your modular building supplier before you agree to rent or lease any type of modular building or classroom. Keep in mind that renting a modular building is just like renting a home...you have the right to use the structure but there are some guidelines that you need to follow in order to avoid additional costs. If you are ready to choose a modular rental company read Choose Wisely, Spend Carefully for some additional tips.

1. What happens if I don't need the modular building for as long as the rental or lease agreement states?

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rent A Modular Office Trailer When You Need Space Fast

Why rent a modular office trailer? It is easy to outgrow office space when demand for products and services reaches an all time high - creating a need for more work space and more employees. When this happens it's not easy for commercial, government and nonprofit operations to add permanent office space because of the time and cost of construction, and often the additional space is only required temporarily. Additionally, it does not make sense to invest in high dollar construction when all that is really needed is temporary office style space. Used modular office trailers offer an excellent alternative that can fulfill a variety of business needs without a large outlay of money or a long construction timeline.
Use a modular office trailer for temporary space
Use the PRICE QUOTE REQUEST and compare 5 price
quotations from local modular office companies.

A Modular Office Trailer Fulfills Many Needs for All Types of Businesses
A mobile-modular office is a pre-manufactured building that is portable, economical and able to provide temporary or permanent space in nearly any type of configuration including bathrooms, conference areas, private offices, kitchens - even locker rooms. Business owners have many reasons for choosing to rent one or more used mobile office buildings to solve a variety of space issues. Here are some of the more common uses of modular office trailers:
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