Monday, October 8, 2018

Best Places to Buy a Used Modular Building in Texas

Used modular buildings for sale in texas
Typical used modular building in Texas.

Find quality Modular buildings in Texas

Finding a good quality used modular building or portable classroom in Texas can be a time consuming task if you are in need of space. Fortunately there are several companies in Texas that have large inventories of used structures and are willing to sell individual models for fair and sometimes rock bottom prices. Here is some information that should help you save some time and money.

Popular companies with local offices and large inventories of used modular buildings:

1. Williams Scotsman
2. ModSpace
3. Satellite Shelters
4. Acton Mobile

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Emergency Response Planning with Mobile Modular Suppliers

FEMA Emergency response planner
FEMA Emergency Response Planner


Whenever a natural disaster or major emergency happens people's lives depend on emergency response teams and essential resources for medical care, shelter, communications and food. This is why it is important for you to have a plan and reliable contacts that can help you and your team rapidly mobilize mobile and modular structures in and around the most critically impacted areas and get to the business of saving lives.

Mobile Sales Office Trailer 12' x 56'

Mobile sales office trailers are popular for any type of business that needs office space to conduct in person sales meetings with customers. You can rent a mobile/modular trailer and have it delivered to your business quickly - giving you the ability to start selling your product or service as soon as
Why a mobile sales office trailer may be good for your business.
12' x 56' Mobile Sales Office Trailer

Some examples of uses for a mobile office trailer in a sales setting would be:

👍 Real Estate Sales Office
👍 Auto / Car Sales Office
👍 Boat and Marina Sales Office
👍 Golf Course Pro-Shop Sales Office

What happens when you exceed your rental agreement term?

At we get a lot of phone calls with questions about renting or buying a modular building or mobile office trailer. We do our best to give people a fair and balanced answer that ultimately will help them buy or rent a modular building smart. Here's one of the most popular questions:

✅Question: What happens if I sign a twelve month lease or rental agreement for a modular building and we keep it longer than expected?
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