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How much does a portable classroom cost to rent or buy?

How much to rent or buy a portable classroom?
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A typical portable classroom that has enough space for twenty students and a teacher should average $600 per month to rent and anywhere from $20,000 (used) to $60,000 (new) to purchase (average in the United States). But there are many conditions that can increase or decrease your costs, so read on and learn more about the factors that can save your school or church potentially thousands of dollars when you rent or buy a portable.

Question from a school facility manager: My school is searching for a new or good condition used portable classroom for twenty-five students, and we wanted to get the best possible price for a long term rental or lease. Our needs are simple - open classroom big enough for desks and some tables, two doors, and an ADA handicap wheelchair access ramp. I searched the web for modular classroom trailers and made some calls, and it seems like prices are high from company to company. Any ideas about how much a portable classroom should cost?

Response from Matt Banes at iModular: Thanks for asking and for sharing some of the details about your temporary classroom space need and pricing question. Here are a few questions and tips that have helped a lot of people in your position.

How much to rent a portable classroom near me
Don't forget the delivery and installation costs. Portable classrooms
have code requirements that involve proper foundation, handicap
wheelchair access and life safety features.
1. Are you open to renting a used portable? If so, you can rest assured that suppliers have used portable classrooms in stock that are in very good condition - and the prices will be lower than using a new model. Ask about in-stock used classrooms that are available for the lowest price and always have a look at the classroom before you buy or rent. Here is a helpful modular classroom checklist to use during your search.

Are you open to purchasing the portable in place of a long term rental? Purchasing a used portable classroom can sometimes be very affordable when compared to renting a new model. Purchasing a "trailer" makes the best sense when you know that it will be needed for several years. Remember, buying a portable classroom is a real estate style purchase. If you pay rent for too long - you could have easily purchased the trailer for far less.

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Portable Classroom costs can vary.
3. If you must have a brand new portable classroom trailer, be sure to get at least three price quotes from suppliers in your area. Try to find a manufacturer that will sell some cases. This is the best way to save thousands of dollars. Otherwise, shop smart and make sensible decisions when it comes to the exterior and interior finishes, amenities and always think about the future resale of the modular when, and if, you outgrow the floor plan or decide to build a permanent structure. can always call me directly using the Modular Building Help Line at (800) 806-7485 or use the Compare Prices for Portable Classrooms online tool.