Is this Modular Church Building what you are searching for? -

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Is this Modular Church Building what you are searching for?

Used modular church building
Modular Church Building
If you are searching for a used modular church building this may be the ideal choice...or iModular can help you find a larger or smaller model in your city or state.

Rent or buy this 48' x 40' used modular church building. Perfect for a church, YMCA, school or other programs requiring temporary space. 1,920 square feet of usable space that can be modified with any floor plan that meets your needs. Add private offices or a meeting room with ease.

Includes heat, air conditioning, lighting, carpet and tile floor, t-grid ceiling, slider windows and standard exterior doors.

This used modular church building can be installed on a temporary or permanent foundation with a handicap wheelchair ramp and OSHA approved aluminum and steel steps for public access.

If you have an interest in this modular church building or a similar model complete the simple form below and we will call you quickly.