Ask These Questions Before You Rent a Modular Building or Classroom

Most important questions when buying or renting a Modular Building

If you are a first time “renter” of a modular building or portable classroom this post will help you save time and money when dealing with the modular building, portable classroom or mobile office suppliers in your city. If you are not familiar with your local suppliers or don’t have time to search for them you can always use my free modular building price comparison tool and send your request to multiple suppliers who will quickly call you and compete for your business.

Here are the top questions to ask the modular building company representative before you sign a rental or lease agreement:

🗹 What is the modular building rental price per month plus any tax or other fees?

🗹 What is the price to deliver and install the modular building?

🗹 What is the price to knock it down and return the modular at the end of the rental period?

🗹 What is the cost to rent a set of stairs for each doorway and or a handicap wheelchair access ramp?

*Remember to ask about hidden fees such as cleaning, insurance and maintenance that may add up if you don’t negotiate these up front. 

If you are trying to make a decision between one company or another you can always email I may have a suggestion that makes sense to you – and that saves you money when you rent that temporary modular!

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Matt Banes

Since 1988 I have helped countless businesses, schools, and churches buy, rent, and sell all types of modular buildings, mobile offices, and portable classrooms for a wide variety of business and educational uses.

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