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In 2011 innovation in the Modular Building industry was seriously changing the way things were being built, and McGraw-Hill Construction was covering the trend.

It’s about time that modular construction graduates and this report from McGraw-Hill helps validate this claim. For years modular office and prefabricated home manufacturers have been improving their processes, adding technology, and utilizing many of the same building materials as conventional builders. Now with the help of the global green building and sustainable design movement, modular industry builders are aligning with traditional builders on many design and construction levels.

Prefabrication and Modularization Increase Productivity
(Published in 2011) In McGraw-Hill Construction’s SmartMarket Report titled Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry, the author shows how prefabrication and modularization are yielding real business benefits for users. Commonly used prefabricated and modular building elements include mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, exterior walls, building superstructures, roofing, floors, and interior room modules. Out of over 800 architecture, engineering and contracting (AEC) professionals surveyed for the report, 66% report improved project schedules, 65% report decreased project costs, and 77% report reduced construction site waste— a key component in the rising adoption of green building.

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