Used Portable, Modular Classroom for Sale in Orlando, Florida

Used Portable Classroom in Florida
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Are you searching for a used portable classroom or used modular building to install in Orlando or surrounding cities in Florida? If so, you may want to get an early start by requesting price quotes and going to look at some of the models available from local suppliers before 2014 is here, and purchase prices start to rise.

Portable classroom at a school

My best suggestion is to figure out the amount of space you need for your school or church and have some ideas as to how you want the floor plan to be configured (bathrooms, wide open, divided classrooms, etc.) and then contact at least 4 suppliers in Florida to start getting prices and photographs emailed to you. Once you narrow your choices down set up appointments to see the available units and inspect them to your liking. When you find the used portable that best suits your needs, make an offer, and negotiate until you are content.

How do you get 5 price quotes to compare quickly? Use the portable classroom price quote request. Take two minutes to complete the form, and your request will be sent to suppliers in and around Orlando who will compete for your business!

As usual, you can also call me directly with questions about portables at (800) 806-7485. I work nationally and internationally to help people save time and money finding space for schools.

You can also check out our article about how you can find great deals and even modular building donations for your school or church.

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