Chicago Contractor Launches Modular Building Factory

What a great week of modular building news. Here at the iModular office we’ve been cheering for the modular building industry and its sudden launch into the media spotlight. On June 3rd Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson spoke with Fox Business News about the benefits of manufactured housing and why it is an important technology for the future of housing development in the United States. On June 4th Chicago based general contractor Skender got some great media coverage for its “radical” new approach to building through establishing its own modular building factory.

Chicago Contractor Establishes Modular Building ‘Factory’

The 64-year-old Chicago contractor Skender opened a 130,000 sq. ft. facility on Chicago’s southwest side to manufacture interlocking building modules on an assembly line. “Our production launch is an important milestone in our radical new approach to building,” said Mark Skender, CEO, Skender.

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