Selecting a Modular Building Supplier

Question:  I’m starting to search for a company that sells and leases modular buildings and need to know a few things. Most importantly – can I trust a company that sells construction trailers to handle a larger modular building project?

Answer: This is a great observation and good question to ask. Over the years I’ve answered this one with mixed reviews of companies that sell a jobsite trailer one day and are leasing and installing a large scale modular building the next. No need to be concerned now as it seems many of the modular building suppliers have broadened their skill set and have the know how and resources to help you with a successful modular installation. In many cases your local supplier will have a department staffed with people who only deal with the various aspects of a modular building project.

My tip for you is to interview as many as three potential modular building suppliers that have physical locations within a reasonable distance of the address where your modular structure will reside. Be sure to ask for references and use them. Too many times I hear about projects that didn’t meet the client’s expectations and if the references would have been called problems could have been avoided.

The best resource for finding local modular building suppliers is Use their free quote service and qualified suppliers will contact you quickly to answer questions and provide prices to lease or buy used and new modular buildings.

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