Used Modular Building Prices in Alabama – Buy or Rent

Are you searching for a used Modular Building in Alabama? Get prices from modular building suppliers in Alabama here or read the tips below.

Alabama has several modular building suppliers throughout the state and many of them have used modular offices and classrooms to sell or rent at affordable rates. The trick to finding the best deal isn’t just asking for the lowest price.

Here are some tips that have helped businesses, public and private schools, and churches in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, and surrounding towns get the exact modular space they need installed and ready for operation quickly and cost-effectively:

1. Always know how many staff members or students and teachers you need to accommodate first. This number will help the supplier figure out some different size options and compare those to what used modulars they have available for your need. Consider space, comfort, furniture and if you need bathrooms, offices or a kitchen.

2. Choose the site for your modular building wisely. If you have available property that is free and clear of other structures this is a fairly easy decision. If not, plan on placing the modular office or classroom in the space that has the fewest obstacles for the modules to be delivered and installed within. Also – try to stay as close as possible to existing utilities, parking, bathrooms, pathways, etc. Site selection can save or cost you money – think about all aspects of your school operation and make smart, cost effective decisions.

3. Permits. Make sure you know exactly what your local building and safety department will want from you in order to issue a permit. Know where you want to place the modular office or classroom, where the utilities are going to be connected from, how students will access the classroom and how long you will be using the classroom or if it will be a permanent facility for your school operations.

4. Rent or Buy? Both of the options are viable but it never hurts to explore which one makes the most financial sense in the long run. Modular classroom suppliers and banks offer financing or you can negotiate a fair sales price. Be sure to get three proposals that include delivery, installation, utility connections, handicap ramp and stairs – and any other extras. One last thing – always ask the suppliers to visit your site first – this will help you avoid any hidden charges or surprises when the delivery truck arrive.

TIP: Keep in mind that modular office buildings and classrooms are ideal for parks and recreation offices in Alabama’s DeSoto State Park, Joe Wheeler State Park, and Wind Creek State Park. Or for use in Alabama military bases like Fort Rucker, Redstone Arsenal, and Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base. The uses are endless.

Hope this helps….if not…call me (Matt Banes) at (800) 806-7485 for some advice…it’s free.

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