State and National Parks Use Modular Buildings -

State and National Parks Use Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings are a popular choice 

Modular buildings and mobile office trailers work well for Park facilities.
Modular Interpretive Center for a Wetlands Conservancy
State and National parks use modular buildings, mobile offices and other temporary facilities to meet short and long term space needs on a regular basis. Whether space is needed during construction or renovation or a new visitor center is needed to meet demand during peak season it seems as if modular building suppliers are able to meet the changing needs of these public facilities - regardless of the size or type of space that is required.

Prefabricated modular guard houses for Parks
Prefabricated Guard House
“We’ve used modular buildings and mobile office trailers for years whenever we needed extra office space or instead of building a traditional building. In fact several Parks and Recreation operations around the U.S. have used modular trailers for office space, visitor centers, guard houses and what not.” R.C. Shaffer, Procurement Manager

Some of the most popular uses of modular buildings by government run parks are:

Guard and Guest Welcome Centers
Administrative Office Space
Interpretive Centers
Bathroom Trailers
Shower and locker room trailers
Retail Centers

The most popular sizes of mobile office trailers and modular buildings are:

10' x 44'
12' x 60'\
24' x 44'
24' x 60'

Modular building suppliers are very capable of helping any government office select the adequate amount of space for commercial structures. Try using the supplier price request form to obtain multiple prices and assistance from a local supplier if you are searching for space.

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