How much does a portable classroom cost in Los Angeles, California?

Portable Classroom costs in Los Angeles, California 

Los Angeles county in California is home to thousands of portable classrooms and modular buildings located on school campuses – and many of these used portables can be purchased at deeply discounted prices when they are no longer needed. Compare buying a used portable classroom to the cost of a new model and the savings can be so much so that you could purchase two or three used portables for the cost of one new model.

For example, if you are searching for a standard used 24′ x 40′ portable classroom without bathrooms you should expect to pay anywhere from $18,000.00 and up in today’s California market. Follow my tips below and you should be able to find a screaming deal. Shop smart!

Tip #1. There are several modular building suppliers in California that service the Los Angeles market. These companies will compete for your business so get at least three price quotes before you spend any money. Be sure to get complete price quotes including delivery, installation and a handicap access ramp.

*Use the form below to send your request for a price to the most popular suppliers in California. This also works for all other U.S. States. 

Tip #2. With so many portables and modular buildings sitting idle you will most likely find your best deal on a used portable in lieu of a new model. Check with Los Angeles Unified School District and other surrounding public and private schools to see if they have any portables to sell. Also try calling some of the larger churches in the area – sometimes you can find a great deal by going direct to the owner of the portable.

Tip #3. Consider buying a used portable over renting. Sometimes you can save thousands of dollars this way and will be free and clear to use the modular for as long as you need – and keep it available for future needs.

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  • Marco…this is the page I directed you to. I help people find used and new modular buildings and classrooms in the U.S. and abroad. California is one of my best markets for this business.

  • Try calling school districts in Orange County as well. They have an abundance of older DSA approved portable classrooms to sell and in many cases they let them go for low prices.

  • San Diego Unified School District and Oceanside USD both have portable classrooms available for purchase. Try contacting the facility management departments at both of these districts or give me a call at (714) 442-2757 ext 502.