Are you searching for aluminum or steel steps for your trailer?

We will help you find the aluminum or steel steps you need at the best price…but first learn some helpful tips that will save you money.

Trailer steps for a mobile office trailer on site.
Typical mobile office trailer with aluminum steps.

Is it me or do a lot of people have trouble finding those aluminum, OSHA approved stairs for access in and out of a mobile office trailer? You know… the steel steps that are installed at the doorways of construction trailers, sales office trailers and other temporary mobile buildings. Look no further because we’ve helped thousands of people get OSHA approved aluminum and steel stairs delivered and installed for use with all types of mobile and modular office trailers.

Here are a few tips for finding the right set of stairs and getting a fair price for the product:

1. Know what you need. If you have a mobile office trailer and its not going to be used by the public you wont need a ADA handicap accessible wheelchair ramp. A set of stairs for each entry way will be fine.

2. What size stairs do you need for the trailer’s doorway? Measure the distance from the ground to the threshold of the door and have that information ready to share with the suppliers we will be connecting you with. Be sure to either take a photo of the mobile office trailer or clearly describe in the ground where the OSHA approved steps will be installed is level or not.

3. GET THE LOWEST PRICE! Complete the form below and your request will be sent to suppliers in your area who will call you with questions and prices quickly. or call our Toll Free number at (800) 806-7485 and ask for Matt Banes.

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