Forbes covers Modular Construction on June 3rd 2019

What a great month for Modular Construction in the media. First Secretary of Housing Ben Carson touts the benefits of modular homes on Fox Business News and now Forbes is doing the same! In the article below author Sheri Koons covers all the bases with respect to modular home construction including the speed of building and how eco-friendly this smart way of “manufacturing” truly is.

Enjoy this find from iModular and be sure to share it with anyone considering a modular home or office.

Modular Construction 101

There’s still a lot of confusion as to what modular construction is. After writing about prefab construction for quite a few years, I hear all types of theories about modular construction. Many believe the word is synonymous with prefab itself and is often confused with manufactured houses, which meet the HUD code rather than the Universal code and arrive on wheels on a steel chassis.

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