Used Modular Building Complex for Sale – Texas

Worth a look- modular building in Texas

Large used modular building complex for sale.

This used modular building is listed for sale or rent in Texas. The condition is excellent and it has over 4,000 square feet of space and several other features that make it a good fit for a temporary operations office or even a permanent office building for any type of business in need of modular space. Smaller and or larger models with similar floor plans are also available and can be delivered to Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and other Texas locations.

 Used Modular Building Complex For Sale in Waco, Texas
This large modular building with multiple private offices, handicap equipped bathrooms, and HVAC is available for purchase and can be delivered and installed for your business quickly.

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  • Here's a tip if you are searching for a modular classroom or daycare center in Dallas, Texas. Try contacting some of the local public school systems and colleges. Call the facility management or physical plant department and see if they have any used modulars to sell. It's summertime and you will be surprised at how many schools decide to sell off modulars.

    If you want some help feel free to call me directly as another option. Matt Banes (714) 442-2757 extension 108.