How You Can Find Low Price Modular Buildings in California

How to get the best prices for a Modular Building in California

When it comes to searching and comparing prices for a bargain to rent or buy a used modular building California may be the best market on the planet. The Golden State and its diverse business community has an incredible need for temporary modular office buildings – whether it is for a small modular office trailer for a short rental or a large modular building with multiple offices needed for several years, it’s a buyers market. This demand has created an abundance of used modular buildings with various floor plans now on the market and it’s deal time if you are searching for office space anywhere in the state.

Used modular building for sale in california
Be a smart buyer and inspect the modular building before you buy.

“The trick to finding the best deal is to be flexible with your modular building floor plan – and be ready to buy or rent as soon as you find the modular office trailer closest to your needs,” says Ira Peppers of SKC Company in Riverside, a full service modular building sales and rental company. Ira has used modular buildings for sale all year long – and you can reach him by completing this contact form.

Being flexible with your floor plan means be willing to save some money by adapting to the floor plan of a used modular that you have found for sale – in other words buy it as is. As long as it is in good working condition, clean and available for delivery and installation on your site you will save thousands of dollars by not being too picky. If you absolutely need to make changes try to keep them minimal.
Used modular buildings in California with open floor plans
Modular Building California

So what’s the price for a used modular building in California? Here are a few recent examples of bargains that users of have found – and purchased:

– Used 24′ x 40′ modular building with air conditioning, delivered and installed in Los Angeles for $20,000

– Used 24’x 60′ modular office trailer with two bathrooms, air conditioning and an aluminum handicap access ramp $42,000
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