Is now the time to buy a used portable classroom in California?

California used portables
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Yes! You can find some very affordable prices on used Portables throughout the state. Just look in the right places.

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s a Buyer’s market”? Well in California this is very true if you are searching for a used portable classroom trailer for your school, church, daycare center, or literally any type of business that may need space for teaching or training.

Why are the prices for buying a used portable so affordable in California? It’s pretty simple – the market is huge, and for decades portable classrooms have been purchased by all types of organizations that eventually no longer need the portable – or “modular” classroom trailer. When the portable is no longer needed….bingo! You have a great opportunity to buy it at a very discounted price. The trick is being in the know and having good timing.

Used portables in California
Used Portable Classroom ready for purchase.

This is where my services come in handy. For 26 years, I have been building a network of contacts in California public school districts, large church organizations, government recreation and parks offices, and so on. This group of people has come to know me as their resource for everything “portable,” especially when it’s time to sell or relocate a used portable classroom or modular office trailer.

For example, last month a church organization in San Diego contacted me through and asked if I could help them remove two 24′ x 40′ portable classrooms from their property because they were blocking access to the new construction site for an administration building. After a quick site visit and some calls, I was able to have these portables removed and transported to a storage facility in Riverside, California, where they now are being cleaned, painted, new carpet installed, and completely tuned up for anyone interested. I covered the removal expenses and transportation, and the church solved their dilemma. It’s not always this easy, and sometimes I purchase the assets for a fair price – either way, it benefits everyone from buyer to seller.

Open floor plan in a California portable classroom.

I’ve kept the costs super low for the storage, transportation, and refurbishment and now will be able to sell these as California-certified, used 24’x40′ portable classrooms to anyone interested and in need of classroom space quickly – and affordably.

If you are searching for a portable classroom in California – you may have just read the best article possible. Email me at or call me toll-free at (800) 806-7465.

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Matt Banes modular building information source

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