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Used modular building for sale on Google Plus

At we use Google to help people like you find used and new modular buildings for sale throughout the United States and Canada. If you haven’t found what you want on this site try our iModular Google Plus page and browse the weekly used modular building updates we publish. You may find this online tool easier to use or it just may be your lucky day when you click through.

Our goal is to help…plain and simple. So if you can’t find the modular structure you need or if you have questions about design, permitting, installation or even the differences between buying and renting….you can call our toll free help line at (800) 806-7485.

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Matt Banes

Since 1988 I have helped countless businesses, schools, and churches buy, rent, and sell all types of modular buildings, mobile offices, and portable classrooms for a wide variety of business and educational uses.

One of my success secrets is being available by phone to quickly answer questions and help you find what you need cost-effectively. So, why wait? Call me directly at the Modular Building Help Line (800) 806-7485.